CNY Drones

CNY Drones operates as a volunteer STEM project of RoboSpartans Robotics.  We are graciously hosted under the 501(c)3 of the Griffiss Institute with events in cooperation with Griffiss International Airport and other great community resources.

CNY Drones’ Mission is to promote involvement in STEM through the development and promotion of opportunities for students and adults to learn, share, compete, and create solutions for real world situations using unmanned aerial vehicles while providing mentorship connections via an informational hub linking students, engineers, hobbyists, educators, local government and the public.

Our STEM-based Drone program is unique to our area in 3 major ways. 

  1. Year-round support from local community volunteers with an established social media hub proactively assisting in providing safety information and connections between engineers and students within our region!
  2. Area drone-related businesses, educators, public officials and enthusiasts actively taking part in the planning, development and presentation!
  3. Affordable, easy entry options for schools, clubs, engineers and neighborhoods to get involved in a great new “STEM sport” that directly ties to the local employment pipeline of drone industrial development!

Volunteer Affiliations

We’ve gathered the area’s drone authorities – agencies, officials, educators, manufacturers, clubs and enthusiasts to help organize the growth of STEM-based competitions, host a local social media information hub and share opportunities in our region.   CNY Drones is breaking into new territory by hosting a year-round support system with events to help drive STEM interest in an area that directly supplies a growing local employment pipeline. 

How We Work

We are STEM advocates.  Our Planning Committee, formed in 2016, meets weekly.  The Planning Committee, fka – Competition Development Subcommittee, continues to steer promotion and event planning.   Full Committee meetings were scheduled monthly for all of 2016 and will attempt to be quarterly for 2017.  Full Committee Members have access to all of our information available via newsletter, emails and online drive access.  Our operations are driven by our dedicated Planning Committee and additional volunteers who staff our events and promote our continuing work in the community.

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