CNY Drones

CNY Drones operates as a volunteer STEM project of RoboSpartans Robotics.  We are graciously hosted under the 501(c)3 of the Griffiss Institute with events in cooperation with Griffiss International Airport and other great community resources.

CNY Drones’ Mission is to promote involvement in STEM through the development and promotion of opportunities for students and adults to learn, share, compete, and create solutions for real world situations using unmanned aerial vehicles while providing mentorship connections via an informational hub linking students, engineers, hobbyists, educators, local government and the public.

Key offerings include:

  • Live interactive demonstrations and information at community events on behalf of our sponsors
  • Indoor workshops & events that grows recreational drone ownership by providing multi-function beginner equipment and knowledge from fellow enthusiasts
  • Drone races that include STEM-based interactive demonstration areas for spectators
  • An annual indoor Team Drone Challenge to support school efforts to develop student interest in drone technology
  • Mentoring & camaraderie – we connect the Central New York drone community through our information hub, regular events and a network of mentors!
  • Our developed workshops typically have low participant to mentor ratios.  3 to 1, 2 to 1 and many times 1 to 1.    Our mentors are dedicated local drone enthusiasts and industry professionals who fly all the time, know the equipment, and have experience sharing their knowledge.   
  • Ongoing support – mentorship doesn’t end with one program!   Our mentor network shares a wealth of information beyond our programs via our website and online folders created for attendees.
  • Our programs are for ages 11+  (based on our experience with students using drone equipment)

Volunteer Affiliations

We’ve gathered the area’s drone authorities – agencies, officials, educators, manufacturers, clubs and enthusiasts to help organize the growth of STEM-based competitions, host a local social media information hub and share opportunities in our region.   CNY Drones is breaking into new territory by hosting a year-round support system with events to help drive STEM interest in an area that directly supplies a growing local employment pipeline. 


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