How Do I Learn About the RC Logger 5.8GHz Video System?

By Jim T. Graham for RCGROUPS

One exciting aspect of flying multicopters (and R/C in general), is being able to mount a camera to our models to get a bird’s eye view of our flying. Taking it one step further, we can put ourselves in the "cockpit" of our models, and fly in first person view (fpv) via a video downlink. For amateur (and pro) videographers, being able to see what your camera is pointing at is a huge advantage when composing shots. Whatever your goal is, from a beginner's stand point there is an overwhelming amount of equipment and information out there on various ways to set up a video system, and it can be a little daunting when getting started.

This is where RC Logger steps in. They have developed what is essentially a plug and play video system that can be used with most cameras featuring a video out port. The compact video screen can be easily mounted to your transmitter, leaving you free to keep an eye on your model while flying. From the box to the air takes about as much time as you need to make an adapter cable for your particular camera, and the system is very easy to use. With the addition of new clover leaf antennas, the range and quality has been improved, opening up the possibility for short range FPV flights with the model still typically viewable in line of sight.

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