How Do I Learn About the RC Logger FPV System?


By Jim T. Graham for RCGROUPS

The RC Logger FPV system is a plug-and-play solution with multiple applications - air, ground and more! I use the 5.8 GHz Video TX RX set on my DJI Phantom.

Some of the advantages to the RC Logger Pro camera is resolution, price and weight. Compared to other cams, it's very affordable and the low weight means mounting it isn't a big deal on any RC vehicle. You can record video on an SD card (up to 32 gigs) and transmit to your FPV RX. The camera has its own lipo battery and you charge this with a USB cable from your computer. You can also access your videos, photos and files with the USB. Another option to retrieve your files is to simply pop the SD card into your computer. The Pro comes with a 4 gig SD card. I scored a 16 gig card at Walgreens for $18.

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