AeroLab is a hands-on, inquiry-based workshop in conceptual physics and physical science for middle school and ninth-grade teachers. Flight is always a topic of intense curiosity, offering opportunities for great student interest. AeroLab lessons feature simple foam and balsa aircraft as tools to teach force and motion, allowing students to practice important math skills to determine average speed and acceleration. All labs are geared to national science standards, featuring model aircraft suitable for middle school physical science classrooms. The AeroLab DVD/CD set highlights inquiry-based, hands-on lessons, using simple flying machines to illustrate basic concepts in the physical sciences. The labs feature conceptual activities in the physical sciences, providing opportunities for students to collect data and graph results, as well as participate in activities designed for directed and guided inquiry. The lessons are written by science teachers for science teachers, based on the work of the Academy of Model Aeronautics members and education leaders Rocco Ferrario, Art Ellis, and Gordon Schimmel.

“I teach a unit on forces, motion, speed, velocity, and Newton's Laws. The plane activity ties in perfectly for this unit and allows for the application of learned science principles. It's a perfect hands-on activity, and the students really enjoy flying the planes.” -science teacher on Aerolab

Activities available for download:

Aerolab: Calculating Distance & Speed

Aerolab: The Challenge


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