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If you are looking for an on screen display system (OSD) that you can add on to and manipulate via your computer, then check out the system from RC Logger.

Mounting a camera to an RC aircraft is pretty cool, but being able to see exactly where it is pointing opens up a whole new world. RC Logger has you covered with its 5.8GHz video system.

Are you an RC pilot that is interested in quadcopters but have no idea where to start? Looking for a great FPV platform? In this article, we take a look at the DJI Phantom provided by DroneFly.

Are you looking for an LCD screen to fly FPV that won't break the bank? Check out this new screen from

Bill Kuhl describes the basics of aerodynamics.

John Forester of Silent Electric Flyers explains how to use dual control for radio controlled aircraft.

Are you interested in learning about helicopters? Helicopter enthusiast John Salt describes the five main types of radio controlled helicopters, and answers the most common helicopter newbie questions.

Ed Anderson explains six keys to success for new pilots: wind, orientation, speed, altitude, over control, and preflight check.

Bob Ackerman of the Mid-Missouri Radio Control Association explains how to properly set up servos.


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