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Model aviation has been a huge part of my life starting sometime before I was 10 years old. The early teenage years were mainly control line flying but I started flying radio control when I was 13 years old; in a few years I was competing in RC pylon racing. More recent years have been RC sailplanes, sport electric RC, and free flight. I have been passionate about promoting the model aviation hobby, especially to young people. I have promoted model aviation through demonstrations at schools, community education classes, parks and rec programs, hobby-shop sponsored STEM program, and through a College for Kids summer class at a local university.

I have reached the largest number of people through my website ( and my mainly model-aviation orientated blog ( that recently exceeded ¼ million views.  I have detailed instructions for a rubber-powered model plane constructed from foam plates and a small amount of balsa, that I call the Fantastic Foam Flyer  (

Another web article I spent a great deal of effort on was Basic Aerodynamics with a Lesson. Through a series of drawings I tried to convey the basics of model aerodynamics with a few sample questions included. I hope that teachers could include this in their lesson plans.

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Below is a story that Bill received from a student that wanted to thank him for taking the time to help out:

"Hello Mr. Kuhl,

My name is Dhriti Vij and you had helped me with the capacitor plane for the SO event back in 2011 remotely and helped me win the 6th place nationally. I hope you remember me. Working on the capacitor plane under your mentorship was a very rewarding experience for me and in fact, one of my college essays was on that and how it ignited my passion for anything to do with flights. I am currently a sophomore at Virgin​i​a Tech majoring in Aerospace Engineering. You will be pleased to know that I have just been selected by Boeing for a summer 2018 internship which is a great opportunity for me. I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks to you.


Dhriti Vij

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