How Do I Choose the Perfect First Plane?


Table of Contents


Your Local Hobby Shop
More than just a store!
—by Erick Royer

Aircraft & Radio System Basics
Getting to know the equipment
—by Robert A. Benjamin

The Benefits of a RC Flight Simulator
The smart approach to learning RC
—by Steve Mills

Choosing Your First RC Plane
What you need to know before you buy
—by Scott Copeland

Join the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA)
The advantages of membership!
—by Klaus Ronge

How to

Preflight Your RC Airplane
A key to crash avoidance
—by Steve Mills

Get Your New Model into the Air!
Tips for a perfect take-off
—by Jon R. Barnes

Master Your First Landing
Get your model down safely
—by Jon R. Barnes

Trim Your Model
Getting it to fly hands-off!
—by Erick Royer

Fly Straight Lines
We teach a special technique!
—by Erick Royer

Bad Weather? Build a Kit!
Weather is opportunity!
—by Scott Copeland

Fly in the Wind
Don’t fear it, conquer it!
—by Erick Royer

Get Started in RC Helis
It’s easier than ever!
—by Erick Royer


HobbyZone Glasair Sportsman
Great-looking, easy-to-fly sport-scale trainer
—by Jon R. Barnes

Hitec Sky
Scout R2GO
An updated classic, now available Ready-To-Go
—by Jon R. Barnes

ARES Gamma 370 RTF
A great trainer that will grow with you
—by Erick Royer

Flyzone Switch
Two Planes in One!
An easy-to-fly trainer that advances with you
—by Erick Royer

Hangar 9 Alpha 40 DSM2 RTF Trainer
Nitro-powered trainer for the newcomer
—by Scott Copeland

HobbyZone Firebird Stratos RTF
Beginner-friendly features
—by Tom Hunt and Erick Royer


Your First Flight Editorial
Letter from the editor
—by Erick Royer

Cool Products
That make the hobby better!
—from the editors of Your First Flight